Motorized Spring Bolt with Automatic Locking
Field-selectable deadbolt or springbolt operation
LCD Iconographical Display for visual programming and monitoring
4 Security Levels ; Master, Management (2), Users (9 each Manager), Courier (1)
Time Lock - weekly (7 day) program, 16 event programming
Dual Access - Enabled by Master
User Lock out - Enabled by Master and Manager level
Duress Alarm - Silent signal through potential free relay contact
Integrated second output for alarms, CCTV, remote monitoring etc.
Audit - more than 1200 detailed events
Remote Lock Shutdown - through input relay
Input- safe door monitoring or ATM empty
Industry standard mounting pattern
Meets certifications - UL Type 1, VdS Klasse 2 and CNPP grade B

High resistant metal case
Protected against water
Large LCD display with iconographical symbol
Silicone keypad with 16 touch
Integrated battery holder
Tamper detection
Connector for audit print-out
Audible signal, beeper
Industry standard mounting pattern

SL 525 or SL 523 - Features


General Features


   Code lock



Motorised lock with automatic locking.

4 hierarchy levels: Master, Manager, User and Courier

Opening delay with confirmation window.

Adaptable bolt function: dead bolt / spring bolt. *

Dual mode.

Duress opening delay with confirmation window. **

Fast retrofitting, standard footprint.

Code denial.

Digital input to bypass opening delays.

Inputs/outputs integrated in lock until for e.g. alarm connection and remote supervision etc.

Wrong trial penalty.


   Control Inputs

High-quality, rugged metal input unit with elegant design.

Duress code entry can be enabled / disabled.

Close command.

Large, easy read liquid-crystal display (LCD).

Selectable code format (ID+PIN or PIN+ID). **

Delay bypass.

Long battery service life which is above-average.


   Time Lock

Remote disabling.

Battery compartment accessible from the outside.

RTC (real time clock) with weekday and leap year recognition.

Controlled disabling. **

Multi-language display.

Selectable time format (AM/PM or 24 hours).


   Digital outputs.

Non-resettable opening counter.

Weekly locking programmes.

Duress code.

Adjustable beeper volume. **

Immediate locking (valid from now until end of the next weekly locking period).

Lock open.

Audit trail.

Holiday Periods.

Invertible output polarity.**

Approvals: VdS Class2, CEN prEN 1300 Level B.

Yearly repeating periods.

Individual output adaption.**


Fully automatic DLST (day-light saving time, summer/winter time) changeover.**


* non-Vds
** SL 525 with programming SW

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