The EM20-20 Rotobolt lock is reliable, easy to fit and has a full VdS Class II certificate.

The lock with Basic software (EM20-20) has a Master code, a User code and Time Delay, all programmed from the keypad.
The lock with MLS software (EM20-50) has a Master code and 9 User codes, dual control, time delay and a simple 100-transaction audit trail (no time and date). A Dallas key entry is also available.

The lock has a standard footprint and can be mounted in any direction, or reversed for a left-handed installation.
The cable from the keypad is run down through the back of the lock, so making installation much simpler and virtually eliminating any possibility of the cable snagging.

The Alpha 1 keypad (AL-2030) has raised keys, an external battery box and either a black or chrome rim.
The Delta keypad (DE-2020) has a low profile and requires a separate battery box. It comes with a black or chrome rim.

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