Direct-current magnet, 370 ohm
Microswitch for monitoring renter-revision locking device and latch slide
Connection cable with 2 leads, approx. 152 mm long, plug and cover, red
7 levers for renter locking device
5 levers for revision locking device
Lock case: diecasting, surface treated
Bolt: diecasting, surface treated
Latch slide: steel, surface treated
Revision locking device in case of power failure
Renter key not withdrawable when lock is unlocked
Revision key withdrawable when lock is unlocked
Suitable for "right hand" doors
Weight: Approx. 960g

2 Double-bit keys, diecasting, nickel-plated, 62,5 mm

Direct-current magnet 148 or 563 ohm
Mounting plate: 2 mm thick, 3 pins with threaded bush
Renter key, brass, nickel-plated, 55 mm
Revision key, steel, nickel-plated, 60 or 70 mm (to be ordered separately)