Changeable locking mechanism, changeable with pin at the back of the lock
11 levers, steel (electrolyte zinc-plated)
Lock case: Diecasting
Bolt: Diecasting
Bolt with 2 tap holes M4, distance 15mm
Key not withdrawable when lock is unlockedh
Prepared for microswitch
Suitable for "right hand" doors
Weight: Approx. 510g

Double-bit key, high-strength brass, nickel-plated 150mm (to be ordered separately)
Weight: Approx. 45g/Key

Suitable for "left hand" doors
Microswitch for bolt monitoring
Lock case and bolt surface treated
Bolt extensions, 30 mm wide, straight ,to the front and/or to the back
4 inch screws 36 mm, 4 securing rings
Mounting plate: 2mm thick, loose or mounted, with 4 tapped bushes, screws and rings
Manganese steel plate: 1,5 mm thick, as drilling protection, loose or spot welded below the mounting plate
Factory key
Change key
Key for lengthening up to 360 mm, with foldable or detachable mechanism
Double-bit parts, high-strength brass, nickel-plated, 63 mm, suitable for key carrier bar 86124
Leather bag for the bit parts

Standard mounting dimensions
Suitable for installation in Mauer-boltworks
Please inform us about the desired locking (factory locking or the locking adjusted to the delivered keys)