Changeable locking mechanism, changeable with pin on the back of the lock
9 levers, steel (electrolyte zinc-plated)
Lock case: Diecasting
Bolt: Diecasting
Electromagnetic bolt release
Key not withdrawable when lock is unlocked
Suitable for "right hand" doors
Weight: Approx. 720g

Double-bit keys, brass, nickel-plated, 90 mm (to be ordered separately)
Weight: Approx. 50 g / pair

Adjustable Time Delay (TD): 1-10 min, 15,20,30,45,60,99 min
Adjustable standby-time for opening: 1-16 min
Low-current drain technology
Printed board with microprocessor in SMD-technology
Power Supply: max 2 x 9-Volts compound alkali-manganese batteries (to be ordered separately)
Visual voltage monitoring

key-operated, horizontal mounting
Aluminium, EV 1 anodized
With LCD (clearly shows the expiring time) and buzzer
Battery case with cover
Flat cable, 200 mm, at the fitting
Mounted connector
4 caps, plastic
Weight: Approx. 370g

Mounting plate: 2 mm thick, 4 threaded pins, nuts, rings
Rotary switches out of the lock
Lithium battery
Key pin approx. 8 mm above lock case
Lock case and bolt service treated
Key, brass, nickel-plated, 150 mm
Fitting 98304, vertical mounting
Without fitting

Standard mounting dimensions
Suitable for installation in Mauer-boltworks