1.A binding agreement is reached when a written order confirmation is sent by UELS.
2.The terms and conditions will be as per UELS's terms and conditions. Variations proposed by the buyer will only be valid if accepted in writing by UELS.
3.Data contained in catalogues and technical documents is not binding unless explicitly agreed in writing by UELS.

4.Payment in full is to be made on the due date.
5.The buyer may not make any deductions without the approval of UELS in writing.
6.Any delay in payment will be subject to interest at 4% above the Nat West base rate from the due date until payment is completed.

7.UELS remains the owner of the goods until payment is received in full.
8.If payment is not made by the due date, UELS has the right to re-possess the goods and the buyer has the responsibility to make the goods available for collection.
9.Once the goods have left UELS' premises, the buyer will take responsibility for the handling, safekeeping and insurance of the goods until payment is completed.
10.Any carrier shall be deemed to be acting on behalf of the buyer.
11.The buyer must inspect the goods and inform UELS in writing of any possible defects within three working days of delivery.
12.The buyer should claim from the carrier any damage caused in transit.

13.The goods are warranted for twelve months from the date of invoice.
14.This guarantee is solely for the replacement of defective parts and does not include defects caused by wear and tear, or faulty use.
15.Nor does it include indirect costs such as loss of profit, travel, or the costs of opening a safe.

16.Any legal dispute will be subject to the law of England and Wales.